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A Compact Guide to cPanel: Everything You Need to Know

January 26, 2022


A Compact Guide to cPanel: Everything You Need to Know

cPanel is a tool that enables you to manage your entire web hosting account, which is perfect for business owners who tend to manage one or multiple accounts. They have over 3 million customers and 889,970 live websites worldwide. It’s the fifth most popular content management system, but it provides more than just that. It enables you to administer your entire server directly from your web browser, which includes email address set up, domain name configuration, and managing content. To know more about the cPanel, below is a brief discussion of its nature, along with its benefits.

What is cPanel?

As mentioned, cPanel works as a control panel that allows you easy access to managing your hosting account. It does not manage your billing preferences, however, and leans towards the technical aspects of managing your website.

As you log into your control panel, you come across a graphical user interface that allows you to manage your website. Here, you’re allowed to make changes to the following items:

  • Email: Through the cPanel, you will be able to create a new email account, change passwords, manage your email, and much more.
  • Domains: Your primary domain pertains to the domain your cPanel account is configured with. Should the need arise, you have the option to add more domains like an Addon Domain, Alias Domains, and a Subdomain.
  • File management: Through the cPanel, you will be able to access your files remotely. It also allows a File Manager to create, delete, or modify your files directly on the server.
  • Database Management: Through this aspect, you’ll be able to manage database users, passwords, and other information.

The Benefits of Using cPanel

1 –  Easy to install and user-friendly

cPanel is very easy to install and upon accomplishing this, handling it will be a breeze. Users can manage complicated tasks with just a few clicks. Such tasks include regular backups, disk space calculations, site maintenance, and even web directories searches. Because of its simplicity and user-friendly interface, cPanel allows companies to save on labour expenses as there is no need for expert system administrators.

2 – Provides numerous features

As mentioned, cPanel is rich in features. These functions allow users to manage websites and host accounts with ease. Its email management feature, for example, enables users to set their email accounts quickly and easily. cPanel also boasts of a comprehensive anti-virus and anti-fraud system, which protects your websites from any form of cyberthreat.

3 – Compatible with different browsers

cPanel has been designed with compatibility in mind, so regardless of your choice of browser, running cPanel will never be a problem. It also supports third-party software that allows you to build more dynamic and engaging websites, such as blogs and guest books.


Although some content management systems remain to be a top choice, the many benefits of cPanel leave it on par with the rest. It’s a comprehensive system that allows you to manage multiple websites at the same time, or perhaps help you build a single one into a robust and conversion-attractive business website. It’s also easy to use and reliable, dedicated to helping your business grow!

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