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Extending to the Cloud

May 4, 2021


Extending to the Cloud

In spite of what you might think web hosting is not limited to journalism, commerce, and Netflix.  Cloud computing is becoming the norm for efficient and secure computing services as well as for storage and communication.  Hosting services like Inode Cloud will set you up with server space and a useful program called Interworks that can help you prepare your server space for your needs but there are options other than WordPress and Webmail to help manage your content.

Cloud Container Platforms:

Google Container Engine is a service built on top of another Google service called Kubernetes which is an open source application designed to help coordinate multiple applications/services working together as one machine.  Container Engine provides the same service as Kubernetes with the addition of developer tools and access to Google’s regional resources.  There is a wealth of other services that enhance coordination and security which make container engine a great platform for independent developers looking for mobile computing options.

Container platforms provide a foundation as well as operational stability for anyone who doesn’t want to start from scratch but it is not infrastructure by itself so much as a map.  You need to have your computing needs in mind and chose a platform accordingly.  For example, Container Engine is designed to coordinate large systems made up of standalone programs but if you are interested in accessing a single application then there is an easier and less expensive option available.

Virtual Machines and Hybrid Clouds:

Hosting services can be used to create hybrid clouds which combine your onsite computing power with software or databases that run from a remote server.  A hybrid cloud is like any other and can be managed using the Google platforms mentioned above but there are alternatives available for users with smaller needs

A private server that you run yourself and can be bought or made with little difficulty.  Buying a server can be expensive and you can save money while meeting your computing needs with VMWare’s hybrid cloud software.  It is not necessary to create a virtual space within your computer to be able to access it remotely but virtual machines provide the security of an isolated environment as well as the freedom to work in an environment that is not bound by your computer’s operating system.

Of course virtual machines can be run from third party servers and can be a simpler solution if you do not require the extensive customization and capabilities of the likes Kubernetes or Container Engine.