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How Good Is Drupal As A CMS?

September 26, 2021


How Good Is Drupal As A CMS?

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Drupal is a big player in the content management system (CMS) market and it only lags behind WordPress and Joomla in terms of popularity. Some of the most famous websites in the world such as the White House website run on Drupal, and Drupal is widely considered to be the most powerful CMS software in the world. Drupal is incredibly comprehensive as it has a very specific programming environment. It is also an open source CMS.

In fairness, Drupal is not really a CMS in the conventional sense. It is essentially a framework that can be used to develop a CMS, and anything that the user seeks to create. The available tools are incredible when it comes to managing and structuring content.

Drupal has advanced functionality

With Drupal, you can build a far superior site than you could ever hope to build on WordPress or Joomla. Drupal pages typically load more quickly and it is less resource intensive than its main competitors. Out of the box, it is easily the most powerful CMS, and it comes with features such as graphics modification, advanced menu management, and polls management. Drupal is ideal for any type of content such as videos, podcasts, statistics, or plain text.

You need to know HTML/CSS to work Drupal

In order to make effective use of Drupal, you will need to have at least basic knowledge of PHP, CSS, HTML, and other common languages. Expertise is a boon but not a necessity as you need to be able to identify problems with the code and troubleshoot any errors that may occur. If you seek to build an advanced site, you will definitely need to hire a Drupal expert who is capable of working the system and turning it sideways. You can also build your level of expertise but learning how to effectively work Drupal takes a certain amount of skill.

Use Drupal only if you need an advanced site

If you seek to create a simple website, you do not need to go with Drupal as its script is not user friendly. It is also not easily scalable for a rookie to deal with, and you should use Drupal only if you seek to create a large, powerful website. Any interference in the script’s code requires some advanced knowledge of the concerned programming knowledge, and if your server gets overloaded, it simply isn’t possible for anyone but a skilled programmer to fix.