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Top 5 benefits of cloud hosting

December 27, 2021


Top 5 benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting basically involves hosting your traffic on virtual servers which run on an interconnected cloud computing environment. Cloud servers have rapidly grown in popularity in recent times due to their innumerable benefits.

No pesky physical servers!

You do not need to rely on a physical, dedicated machine to handle your traffic as cloud hosting offers a far higher degree of security. Cloud hosting is shared by multiple interconnected serves that allows you to easily integrate extra servers without spending more on dedicated hosting services. There is not single point of failure with cloud.

Massive scalability

Cloud hosting offers a near unprecedented level of scalability, and you are guaranteed more server resources as and when you need them as long you purchase such plans. It is much easier to add disk space, memory, and computing power to a cloud environment. This is true for private clouds as well and ensure that your site will not crash if there is a sudden, unpredictable surge of activity on your site.

Cost benefits

In cloud, you are paying for exactly how much space you are using, and as you scale up, this amount will increase based on your storage requirements. Hence, you are basically not paying for any wasted space that you may not be using as is the case with physical servers, where you a fixed amount for a standard amount of space. Cloud environments are far more economically efficient and there is no redundant data storage.


In cloud, everything is interconnected, but a software problem in another environment cannot affect your environment and vice versa. If another uses overload their cloud, it will not spill down to down you are resources are dedicated and stability is a given. Cloud serves have the best stability/cost ratio performance as they do not suffer from any hardware problems unless your physical computer crashes.

Flexible and easy to use

Cloud will allow you to get more resources as and when required and you can scale down very easily as well. For your most sensitive files, you can use a private cloud, which is far more secure than a public cloud. You have the complete freedom to modify your software according to your needs and you are guaranteed complete control over all your software. You can backup data and recover data far more easily than you can with physical servers.